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All our hosting platforms are designed to empower young entrepreneurs,web designers and developers.

We strive to offer the most competitive prices in the industry and we make use of world class data center facilities In Capetown and Johannesburg with state of the art infrastructure

A selection of Server Operating Systems to choose from

All of our Linux VPS Hosting plans allow you to select your preferred operating system when building your virtual server

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High Performance

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Virtual Private Servers do magic in combining the budget cost and intuitiveness of shared hosting with the power and flexibility of dedicated servers..

Our new line of low-cost VPS hosting plans,give you your very own development environment where you can work independently of the other users on the same machine. With guaranteed full root/ SSH access to the server, you can reboot your VPS anytime and install any software you want.

Smart3ntry VS-01

Server From
R169.00 p/m

Smart-VIC VS-01

Server From
R1800.00 p/m

Smart3ntry VS-02

Server From
R225.00 p/m

Smart-VIC VS-02

Server From

Smart3ntry VS-03

Server From
R350.00 p/m

Smart-VIC VS-03

Server From
R4500.00 p/m

Smart-Pro VS-01

Server From

Cpanel VS-01

Server From
R450.00 p/m

Smart-Pro VS-02

Server From
R1099.00 p/m

Cpanel VS-02

Server From
R649.00 p/m

Smart-Pro VS-03

Server From
R1800.00 p/m

Cpanel VS-03

Server From

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VPS Price Order
Smart3ntry VS-01 R169.00 p/m Order Today
Smart3ntry VS-02 R225.00 p/m Order Today
Smart3ntry VS-03 R350.00p/m Order Today
Smart-Pro VS-01 R699.00 p/m Order Today
Smart-Pro VS-02 R1099.99 p/m Order Today
Smart-Pro VS-03 R1800.00 p/m Order Today
VPS Price Order
Smart-VIC VS-01 R2800.00 p/m Order Today
Smart-VIC VS-02 R4500.00 p/m Order Today
Smart-VIC VS-03 R5099.00 p/m Order Today
Cpanel VS-01 R450.00 p/m Order Today
Cpanel VS-02 R649.00 p/m Order Today
Cpanel VS-03 R769.00 p/m Order Today